Technical support



Experienced technicians with the best equipment and interpreters guarantee that there would be no language barriers. Infrared simultaneous interpreting ensures high quality of sound, protection from wiretapping and simple equipment installation.

Modern booths (ina accordance to ISO 4043 standards) are an additional guarantee of interpreting quality. Excellent cooperation with professional interpreters is an additional guarantee for successful organization of your conference. We offer interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, individual) and written translations.



Wireless microphones (Shure and Sennheiser) are commonly used when the hall is reorganized into a theatre (cinema) style. Speakers use „bugs”, and handheld microphone is for questions and comments from the audience.

Digimic microphone system are the best solution in conference rooms with tables (round tables, U-shape tables, or desks). Microphones are installed according to the principle: two participants, one microphone.



Voting system is increasingly being used so as to provide a dynamic atmosphere and quick feedback. Participants are usually offered 5 to 10 responses and they press the appropriate button to reply. Line or pie chart is used to display percentages on the screen.



Panels are usually placed in front of the conference halls, where presentations are held as well, with posters placed on panels. Panels are adjusted for posters of various sizes and for other exhibits (which could be placed on the panels or on horizontal boards, etc.).



In addition to the basic content of the congress - lectures and poster presentations – additional facilities are offered by the exhibitors. They complement and refresh the congress in their own way. Quite often, they provide financial assistance to the organizers.

Therefore, both hotel and organizer are keen to give them a nice spot in front of the conference hall or nearby, so as to have a better communication with participants and visitors. For that purpose we supply stands. Depending on the needs, brochure racks, signboard with logo, plasma screens, lap-tops, projectors, printers, cabinets, showcases, and other equipment can be added to the stands.